Who is Layered Charm

September 14, 2015

Layered Charm is a casual jewelry retailer focusing on one of a kind pieces through our many charm options and our on the spot custom engraving service.

Specializing in 100’s of Charm options, layered and stackable looks, is how Layered Charm got it’s name. And our pride shows in each piece we make and sell.

Layered Charm understands every person comes from different facets and is attached to different likes and causes. Layered Charm helps take the blank canvas of a gift or keepsake and creatively bring our customers wants to life.

Today's customer wants the ability to maintain a sense of style and fashion without losing their personal identity. Layered Charm has focused on this and adapted our process to emotionally connect with our guests. Layered Charm helps our guests by expressing their inspiration on jewelry.

We are proudly located in Calgary, Alberta.


Sean has been focused on fashion and customization since 1998.

"I call myself Creative Entrepreneur due to my ability to understand every person wants to be unique, including their look. I have been in the business for a while adapting technological limits to merge with fashion design. Being creative and pushing design boundaries is what I do best for my guests."

Sean's focus on fashion and the customization world has lead to Layered Charm's foundation to bring new unique looks for all.

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