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Pyrrha in Calgary - A One of a Kind Experience

Many people are catching on to Pyrrha as one of the hottest jewelry lines in North America. Their style is unique and original focusing on the use of 19th century wax seals as their inspiration. 

Pyrrha Talismans Calgary

The Designers

Wade and Danielle Papin founded Pyrrha in 1995 letting their materials inspire their work. Pyrrha's Talisman line is original and very personal, bearing the unique marks of the maker's hand.


What Makes Pyrrha So Special?

Each piece is designed using authentic, 19th century wax seals, intaglios, and keys cast in sterling silver and bronze.  The personal connection of the talisman makes a perfect gift for Christmas, Valentine's, Birthday's, Graduation, Mother's or Father's Day gift. There are also great talismans devoted to changes in one's life, milestones or career changes.

Pyrrha Canada Talismans

How Does Pyrrha Focus on Quality?

Pyrrha is committed to using local production, creating all pieces in its Vancouver Studio. Every piece is made to order, this is in contrast to factory-made, mass produced jewelry found so commonly today. Pyrrha is passionate about maintaining quality and craftsmanship, as well as supporting the local community.

If your Pyrrha piece, purchased through Layered Charm, has any issues we will work with Pyrrha to send back the piece back and have it fixed. Quality guaranteed.

Pyrrha Love Talismans

Selection Available at Layered Charm

We carry over a  hundred pieces of Pyrrha. Our selection focuses on the talisman necklaces, attraction charms and select bracelets. We bring in different talismans on each order to allow our customers to be more unique. We focus on the themes revolving around love, overcoming adversity, strength, luck and protection. 


Pyrrha at Layered Charm

Can I Order Custom Pieces?

Yes you can! Layered Charm at Chinook centre is a dedicated Pyrrha calgary reseller. Layered Charm has worked with many customers to ensure their vision is not compromised. Choose a different chain length and style, choose your material Sterling Silver, Bronze or 14K gold. We can also choose any talisman to made into a bracelet or ring. We can add diamonds or semi-precious stones. You name it we will help make it happen.

Custom Pyrrha at Layered Charm

If you are looking for something different and not mass produced, hand forged in Canada, with ties to history, look no further than Pyrrha for your next timeless jewelry piece.

Pyrrha Calgary 

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I have a Pyrrha bronze necklace that needs cleaning. Any suggestions? Also I am trying to buy the Pyrrha zodiac Leo talisman. Do you have it in stock?

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