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Best Gifts for 2016 Holiday Season: Pyrrha Talisman Jewelry

Being creative every holiday season with the perfect gift can be challenging but we have the perfect answer.

Pyrrha's Fall and Winter 2016 Collection

New to Pyrrha? Let us fill you in.


Pyrrha Jewelry from Pyrrha on Vimeo.

Pyrrha is a visionary company started by Wade and Danielle Papin. Based in Vancouver British Columbia.Pyrrha jewelry is handcrafted, using soldering and silversmith techniques. Each piece bares the prints of the creators' hands. With re-purposed bronze, silver and gold, along with conflict free stones.

Pyrrha is a leader in the handcrafted jewelry market for personalized touches by forging a connection between past and present and creating a connection with every owner. The creators do not strive for perfection, but rather "celebrate the cracks in the seal" by appreciating the differences, not flaws, in everyone. In this way, Pyrrha can bring a connection to any wearer in their personal way.

Do you want to give Pyrrha or buy one for yourself? 

Have you ever shopped for Pyrrha but the store only has one chain option? Have you want a piece in bronze or sterling silver? How about 14K Gold?

Have you ever wanted to be more unique and build your custom Pyrrha jewelry by adding a diamond to a specific Pyrrha Talisman?

One answer to your Pyrrha Jewelry needs: Shop at Layered Charm in Chinook Centre Calgary.

Layered Charm is known for their wide selection of Pyrrha talismans featuring over 100 Pyrrha talismans at any time, offering the best selection in Calgary. Layered Charm also offers our guest the option to personalize their Pyrrha with chain length and Pyrrha chain style options. Our Design consultants can help you through all your Pyrrha options and provide consultation in developing a personalized unique Pyrrha design.  Modifications can include chain length, diamond, gold or silver additions.

Top 10 Trending Pyrrha Talismans

2. Hearts



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