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Top 10 Pyrrha Talismans

Customers frequently ask what are the top sellers for Pyrrha? So we thought we would let you know! The top sellers do change by season, especially as Pyrrha releases new pieces in the spring and fall. Our top ten for this season is based on best design, best value, and best detail .

10. Selflessness

Selflessness Talisman

With Mother's Day around the corner we have seen an uptick in the sale of this talisman as the size isn't too big and the meaning is perfect for any nurturer.

9. True Friendship

True Friendship Talisman

This talisman makes the list for its size and look. It's our friendship value pick. A secondary option just behind for friends is "My Friend Talisman". 

8. Faceted Labradorite in Silver

Faceted Ladradorite Talisman

This talisman is sneaky good, it always is a little different each time we get a new one making each piece truly unique. But it's the translucent melody of color labradorite is known for that makes this an easy winner. 

7. Mother Bear

Mother Bear Talisman

Almost always in the top ten for us as every mom has bear protective qualities. This talisman has been remodeled smaller, not as fat, making it easier to wear.

6. Dragonfly

Dragonfly Talisman

This talisman is beautiful and it size and simplicity makes a clear standout. 

5. Faceted Quartz in Bronze

Faceted Quartz on Bronze Talisman

This is also a sneaky pick but only in bronze. The contrast is pure beauty and a clear standout. The faceted stone talismans have been around for over a year and they have extended the options available but this is our favorite. 

4. Heart of the Wolf

Heart of the Wolf Talisman

Consistently a top ten talisman the size and design is strong and when paired on the 60 gauge curb makes a perfect standout piece.

3. Hummingbird

Hummingbird Talisman

This talisman is our pick for best design and detail, the balance of being round and a beautifully detailed hummingbird make this our best buy.

2. Fire Within

Fire Within Talisman - Phoenix

The phoenix is stunning and the larger oval shape makes this piece shine. It's balanced in all areas and is great for men and women alike.

1. Direction

Direction Talisman - Compass

This talisman is our number one for all the right reasons, design - check!, detail - check! value - check! And the size is perfect for anyone. With grad season and changes in life directions for many this makes the clear winner for the spring.


Let us know what you would add to your top 10 for this spring? What ones you would not include? 

Till next time stay Symbolic!

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