Layered Charm's Commitment to Timeless Beauty: Unveiling the Durabilit
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Layered Charm's Commitment to Timeless Beauty: Unveiling the Durability of Our 14KT Gold-Plated Jewelry

In the realm of jewelry, gold-plated pieces stand as enduring symbols of elegance and sophistication. Layered Charm's dedication to sourcing exquisite 14KT gold-plated jewelry goes beyond mere aesthetics – it's a commitment to quality, durability, and sustainability. In this exploration, we dive into the artistry behind Layered Charm's gold plating supplier, delving into its thickness, durability, and the ethical practices that define the brand.

We hate thin gold plating! Why? It won't last. Layered Charm takes pride in offering a gold plate that is truly remarkable – 40 microns thick, a solid-quality plating that sets it apart from the rest. For those who've encountered issues with thinly plated gold jewelry, often as little as 1 micro inch thick, our gold plate is a game-changer. It's not just thick; it's 40 times thicker than the industry standard, ensuring a level of durability that stands out.



Understanding Durability:
While the thickness of our gold plate plays a crucial role in its durability, it's essential to acknowledge that all jewelry requires careful handling. Bending a gold-plated item may lead to the cracking of the gold layer, and repeated friction can wear away the surface layer, revealing the core metal beneath. This transparency about potential wear and tear ensures that our customers make informed choices when it comes to their jewelry.

Different Wear for Different Items:
At Layered Charm, we recognize that not all jewelry is subjected to the same levels of wear and tear. For instance, our gold-plated finger rings, despite having the same 40 micro inches of gold, naturally experience more abrasion than other items like charms and pendants. It's important for our customers to be aware of these variations to set realistic expectations about the longevity of their jewelry.

We frequently get questions asked at our Layered Charm locations by our customers on our 14KT Gold Plated Collection, So we asked our supplier for some answers, see below:

1. **How long will your plating last?**
Our gold plating, at 40 microns, is designed for longevity. While it can last for many years, the duration depends on the type of wear the items receive. Repeated rubbing, prolonged contact with certain chemicals, and exposure to salty, humid air can affect the gold plate over time. This level of plating with proper care will last a long time rest assured.

2. **Does your plating irritate people's skin?**
To prevent silver migration and ensure quality, a thin layer of nickel is used between the silver and gold. While this is effective for quality, individuals with nickel allergies should be mindful of this aspect.

3. **Where is the manufacturing completed?**
All gold plating is done in the USA, ensuring consistent colouring across our entire line and allowing us to maintain rigorous quality standards.

4. **Is there fair trade in your production and manufacturing?**
Layered Charm's supplier has been committed to fair trade practices since its founding, prioritizing ethical production. 

5. **Any sustainability worth noting?**
Absolutely! Our supplier will donate one tree per order we place to the Trees for the Future Organization. They are also proud to announce that their Thai production is now made with 100% Recycled Sterling Silver!


6. **Approximate how much gold would each pendant have if it's 14KT plated 40 microns thick?**
The amount of gold on each pendant is challenging to quantify precisely, as it depends on the surface area. However, it's crucial to note that our gold plating has a core of sterling silver, setting it apart from others.

7. **What are the pros of your plating versus other manufacturers' gold plating?**
Layered Charm's 14KT Gold Plated Collection is not just thick; it's 40 times thicker than the industry standard. This exceptional thickness ensures durability. Our supplier's plating is produced in the USA guarantees consistent quality, and our facilities adhere to environmentally sound processes for sustainability and worker health.

Layered Charm's 14KT gold-plated collection is more than an accessory – it's a testament to quality craftsmanship, durability, and ethical practices of our supplier. By choosing Layered Charm, customers not only adorn themselves with timeless beauty but also contribute to a sustainable and ethically crafted jewelry industry.


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